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Family Support Specialist within San Francisco Public Preschools

Family Partnership


Case management

Staff development training

Conflict Resolution


Liberated Through the Love of Christ

Loved from the Beginning Workbook

Blog Posts: “Purpose,” “I Didn’t Grow Up With My Grandparents,” “Transgender with a Suicidal Intent,” “Loving Ourselves No Permission Necessary,” “Responding While Black and Christian,” “Dear Christian,” and “Shining Our Lights in Public Places”

Examples of Workshop Topics

  • Loved from the Beginning Transformative Leadership for Traumatic Times
  • Broken Open: Black Woman Rising
  • Storytelling and Story Holding for Creating Sanctuary
  • Walking in Black Excellence
  • Young, Wise, and Free
  • Loving Ourselves No Permission Necessary
  • Creating a New Stereotype: Re-engaging Black Teenage Girls
  • Loving Our Children Into Life: Support for Families in Gentrified Communities


Rise and Thrive LLC Services

Supporting Humans in Their Ability to Be KIND, CURIOUS, and ATTENTIVE in times of conflict and transition

Loved from the Beginning (Women’s Healing in Action Circles)

Rise and Thrive (Men and Women’s Healing in Action Circles)

Rise and Thrive Youth Leadership (self-development workshops for children and youth ages 10 to 24)

Rise and Thrive Youth Development for Adults

Rise and Thrive in the Workplace (Culture and Climate Enhancement workshops for organizations, companies, and groups)

Rise and Thrive Transformative Speaker (Colleges, Universities, Organizations)

Liberated Through the Love of Christ Book Talk

To partner with Ashley, contact her at and indicate which service you are interested in learning more about.

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