The Book: Liberated through the Love of Christ

A collection of short stories that illustrate the power of being seen and the miracle of being connected to Creator, Self, and Others


A simplified name and an altered appearance no longer bring peace to the victims of shackled minds, shortened memories, and stifled identities. Dreams of liberation intensify as the whole world shouts our lives matter. These lives strain to break away from the chains induced by weak religion. Independent thinkers, who have just enough faith to ask “what if” regarding the reality of Christ, see Him where He is least expected. They meet Him when He is least expected. The results they get in their lives change when they believe different stories about themselves. Before liberation takes the world by calm, it begins with individual.

Complete List of Short Stories Inside the Book

Beggar at the Door

Stone for Flesh

Conversations before the Father-Daughter Dance

Evening at the Train Station

What Dreams are Made Of

From the Pillow to the Pavement

Fixings of a Broken Mirror

A Summon from the Side of the Ring

Running with the Keys

Drown Out the Banging

Friend in the Time of Eviction

Between Old Friends

Gentle Reminders

Rethinking Relationship

The Breakup

Height of a Less-Than Life

Waiting for Her Eyes to Open

People with Wings

Prayer of a Sinner Saved By Grace

Inside the Church’s Garbage Can

85 in the Fast Lane

Oncoming Traffic

Basic Instructions

Turtle Effects

The Backpack Giveaway

Tears in the Mirror

Sound of the Restart Button

Melody of the Undeserving Heart

You Almost Dropped Your Eggs

Becoming More than I See

Plum Tree Dreams from the Swing of a Magnolia

Feet Barely Touching the Ground

The Cure for America’s Mental Illness

Generational Effects of Anesthesia

Years Without Black Men in Prison

Heir at the Table


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