About Ashley




Ashley’s motto is be kind, connected, focused, and teachable. What keeps her energetic is her relationship with Christ, her family and friends, and seeing the family dog, Oatmeal, on FaceTime. Making just as much room for laughter and celebration as she does for tears and transformation is a must. She’s a Howard University and Brown University graduate, indelibly marked by her Alternative Spring Breaks in New Orleans post-Katrina. Missions trips with her church broadened her perspective. Working with Black Teenage Girls in the Bay View District of San Francisco deepened her perspective. Ashley’s work as a Family Support Specialist is undeniably influenced by her high school graduation desire to break generational patterns of violence, poverty, trauma, and isolation. Her work begins with embodying the change she envisions.

This includes 3 things:

1) keeping her heart open for hugs

2) keeping her schedule open to games of tag with kids

3) keeping her ears open to the stories of those who have yet to recognize the Kingdom of God is in them.