About Ashley


If our only time is now, may our living and loving speak highly of us. – Ashley M. Blanco

When asked what compels Ashley to keep her heart open to humanity, her answers are truth, love, and grace. Ashley’s journey (one that includes healing for her heart work of ministry and public service) grounds her for the rigor of creating environments that most excite her: ones that nurture connection, people-potential, and wholeness rather than separation, service to egos, and institutional agendas. Her work with families in the Bay View Hunters Point neighborhood of San Francisco by day affords many opportunities to support optimal pathways for families and healthy child development. Her passion work after 5 PM often continues with speaking, mentoring and hosting gatherings. While Ashley enjoys outdoor activities and playing with the family dog, her mission to support vertical connection (God to humanity) and horizontal connection (human to human) would be impossible without the deep love and authentic support of her family and friends.  For them, she is truly grateful. 


Rise and Thrive

Rise and Thrive is a collaborative setting for healing-centered engagement. The following topics are explored: identity, resilience, self-worth and self-investment, varied approaches to collective economic development, and spiritual development as they relate to the everyday interactions we have in our workplaces. These topics are explored energetically through group work, movement, storytelling, visual and theater arts. This is also an ideal environment for individuals who are exploring the possibilities of creating their own pathways to living purposeful lives. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. The cost of the gathering also includes materials for participants to have during and after the workshop.


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