About Ashley

me2Ashley is an optimist, self-proclaimed nerd, dog aunt to a Bichon poodle, and a recovering people-pleaser. Her enthusiasm for inner healing and innovation stems from overcoming chronic low self-esteem, exiting toxic relationships, and remaining connected to her purpose through the pain. 

Persevering led her to immerse herself in  the journey of learning the identity and contributions of her people before slavery and colonialism. Doing so fostered her identity as a Pan African Vitality and Bliss Educator.  Persevering also led Ashley to become a Certified Professional Life Coach. As a R.O.R.E. (pronounced roar) Life Coach, she helps women  own their brilliance so they can live and love more fully. She also helps young dads ignite their healing presence so they can support their children’s development. R.O.R.E. is an acronym for Realizing Our Riches and Excellence.  For Ashley, R.O.R.E. is a vibration embodying all possibilities and results from being One with the Most High and with self.  

As a Pan African Vitality and Bliss Educator, Certified Life Coach, Author, Workshop Facilitator, and Group Vitality Trainer, Ashley is committed to facilitating the conditions that bring out the best in people regardless of what they have been through.  Beyond dismantling and disrupting systems of oppression, she seeks to highlight and harmonize systems of vitality and bliss one small group at a time.

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