About Ashley

me2Ashley is an optimist, self-proclaimed nerd, dog aunt to a Bichon poodle, and a recovering people-pleaser. Her enthusiasm for inner healing and innovation stems from overcoming chronic low self-esteem, exiting toxic relationships, and remaining connected to her purpose through the pain. 

Persevering led her to founding Rise and Thrive LLC, which helps women and men shift from low vibrational living to GLOW vibrational living. GLOW is an acronym for the vibrational methodology which stands for “growing in love, opportunities, and wonder.” 

For Ashley, GLOW epitomizes the journey she credits to the constancy of God’s presence in her life, her dedication, and the affirmation and instruction of her loved ones. As a GLOW lifestyle consultant, Ashley co-designs implementation plans with her partners (what the industry also calls clients) to develop their ideas into enterprise. A major byproduct is a renewed mindset that promotes oneness, joy, and productivity.

As an author, workshop facilitator, trainer, Ashley is committed to facilitating the conditions that bring out the best in people regardless of what they have been through.  Beyond dismantling and disrupting systems of oppression, she seeks to highlight and harmonize systems of vitality and bliss one small group at a time.

For more information on how Ashley can serve you, check out her page of services and products.