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Helping women to transform their relationships with themselves so they can rise and thrive where they are and get to where they want to be


Rise and Thrive Women, formerly known as Loved from the Beginning, is an interactive setting for integrating spiritual, psychological, and social concepts for living our best lives.

Group participants creating a picture to visually represent the concept of sanctuary.

Groups spans across 6 weeks and are typically 4.5 hours long but can extend given the content and energetic flow of the group. All conversations and activities empower women to experience their highest and brightest concept of themselves.

Like all Rise and Thrive LLC experiences, storytelling, discussion, game-based activities, and participant-created visual art activities are elements of the learning environment. The intrapersonal and interpersonal skills set built in this environment transfer into multiple areas including personal lives, relationships, workplace culture and climate, and community.

There will be no six-week series in 2020.

Join us for Rise and Thrive Women’s first fall event, Fall Into Grace.

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Photos from previous cohorts

Cohort 3 February/March 2018



What women are saying about Loved from the Beginning

“I feel cared for. I go throughout my week giving to other people and caring for their children and no one ‘cares’ for me. When I come to the group,  I feel like I am coming to a place where I can be myself and I don’t have to worry about anything but taking care of myself. I feel at home. I feel safe to be true to myself in front of other people.” T.C. 


Cohort 2 July/August 2017



What Women Are Saying About Rise and Thrive Women

“I felt like we were all there together and no one was better than any one else. I’ve always been afraid to open up and share what I don’t know because people look down on you when you’re not familiar with scripture or a song. But here I didn’t have that fear at all. There was conversation. It wasn’t like I had to to sit there and I couldn’t ask questions.” – C.H.

“This environment supports the spark in the individual. It’s about bringing life to people. Ashley is attuned to God in a way that she can speak to where women are in their lives and identify their strengths. It’s a place of peace, sanity, and vulnerability. Loved from the Beginning allows women to recognize that the Word  of God can be personalized. It’s opening the Word for women, not just preaching. We’re able to have discussing and make the Word applicable. ” – K.J.

“This is what we need.” – A.B.

Cohort 1 April/May 2017



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“I wasn’t going to say anything. I was just going to sit back and observe and maybe say a little here and there. But I was talking. What I’ve shared in this group I haven’t even shared with people who’ve known me for years. This is a safe space.” – S.W.

“As a result of being in this group, I feel closer to God than I’ve been.” – M.B.


Spirit-led, Faith-driven, Healing-Centered, Collaborative, Transformative


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